Free Help in Turbulent Times for You & Your Family With
 30 Days of Dr. Scott's Distant Energy Vibes!

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Free Help in Turbulent Times for You &
Your Family With

30 Days of Dr. Scott's Distant
Energy Vibes!

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Health & Protection: Free Distant Energy
Vibes For You & Your Family Daily

How Dr. Scott May Help You & Your Family

  • For Over 20 Years, Dr. Scott Has Helped People Experience Miracles and Powerfully Change Their Lives in The Areas of: Health, Love, Wealth, Personal Power & Spiritual Power.

  • Here to Make Your Life Easier - Dr. Scott is a Recognized & Initiated Spiritual Master in the South Indian (Tamil) Siddha Lineage.

  • Dr. Scott's Lineage is All About Helping People with Manifesting What They Want Life & Experiencing Miracles.

  • As Recognized Spiritual Master by Dr. Bhaskaran Pillai - the Guru of Dr. Wayne Dyer - Dr. Scott was Initiated by Dr. Pillai in 2001. Wayne Dyer stated that Dr. Pillai was "One of the Most Enlightened Beings on the Planet."

  • Keep the Good Vibes Going for You & Your Family. Order Now for More of Dr. Scott's Daily Divine Energy Vibes!

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    *My Normal Fee is $147 for 90 Days - we are in a crisis and I know that you & your family are looking for immediate help; this offer is an incredible discount of nearly 70%. Blessings & Light - Dr. Scott

    Please Note that Dr. Scott Makes No Guarantees &
    His Work is NEVER a Substitute for Medical Care & Medication.
    You MUST ALWAYS Continue to See Your Doctor, Take Your Prescribed
    Medications & Follow Your Doctors' & Your Medical Providers' Advice!
    Dr. Scott Does NOT claim to be a Healer and He offers NO Cures!

    "My Mission is to Relieve Millions of People of Their Suffering. Whether It's Through My Dr. Scott's Music Vibes, Dr. Scott's Free Distant Energy Vibes, or with  Group or 1:1 Couching - There's Something for Everyone to Get You on the Path to Peace, Prosperity & Abundance. It's My Heart's Desire that Everyone Experiences Miracles & Learns How To Create Miracles!"

    Dr. Scott

    From Our Clients

    "Dr. Scott has a powerful gift. Who he is and what he offers is quite out of the ordinary and certainly extraordinary. We recently called Scott to come and assist us with the sale of our home and the purchase of our new one. It had been a very frustrating nearly yearlong struggle that was stressing us out for sure! Within 36 hours we sold our new home and bought our dream home. I am forever grateful to Scott and for the work that he does."

    Dr. Danielle Zanzarov,

    PhD - Director South Bay Wellness New York, USA

    "Dr. Scott Cairns is an astoundingly effective energy light worker. I have been consulting Dr. Scott over a 10 year  period  manifesting positive results and emotional healing. He has helped me tremendously transform and heal persistent life-long negative energy patterns. He works effectively long distance. This past summer we manifested the perfect move and new home, a healing haven, with Dr. Scott's intuitive energy work. Scott has been a blessing to work with - I highly recommend him. Namaste".

    Yasmina Renea Ostijic,

    New York, USA


    Nearly every person who has worked with  with me has experienced miracles. Whether it's a new job, getting married, a positive change in health, unexcepted money coming in, freedom from anxiety etc., it is my pure desire to help you to achieve and experience your greatness inside. I'm here to help you and give you practical spiritual tools to use everyday. 

    Please Note: Since Miracles and Manifesting are in the Heavenly Realm of Divine Grace & Divine Time - Dr. Scott Makes No Guarantees

    More Details


    Q; Can the energy cause any problems?
    A: No - It is Divine Energy so it will go where it needs to go or not .

    Q: What about my kids & pets?
    A: Kids & animals respond positively and powerfully to the energy. They don;t have all of the filters adults have.

    Q: Will I feel anything - what if don't.
    A: The Energy is Divine - it goes to the Body, Mind & Soul where it needs to. Some people may feel a profound effect, some people a little and some people none at all. 

    The Power of Karma

    My lineage teaches that 95% of what we think, what we do in life, our love interests, our finances, our our job etc., etc. all controlled by Karma. Therefore, we need to destroy the Karma that is controlling us (mostly negative Karma) to create create a new, life-fulfilling & positive Karma. I teach people these extraordinary techniques. With this world health crisis accelerating I'm working very hard to change the karma of people and the this world!

    Dr. Scott Has 2 Lineages

    I have both a spiritual lineage - which goes back to the Indian Saint Agastya & a  musical lineage. I have played guitar for nearly 50 years and studied with Billy Bauer and Juan Martin .I have a Master's Degree in Music Theory & Composition from Long Island University.  In April 2020,  I will be releasing the music I have composed to help people to remain calm during this international health crisis. 

    Dr. Scott's University Teaching & Formal Education

    My PhD in International History was awarded by the London School of Economics - London, UK - in 2005. For over 15 years I taught at universities  on both sides of the Atlantic. Thirteen of those years I taught  at Long Island University (my alma mater) & the State University of NY (S.U.N.Y.). Although I taught History and Political Science principally - I also had the opportunity to teach Eastern Religions, the History of Jazz as well as Health Care & Public Administration.

    Please Note that Dr. Scott Makes No Guarantees & His Work is NEVER a Substitute for Medical Care & Medication. You MUST ALWAYS Continue to See Your Doctor, Take Your Prescribed Medications & Follow Your Doctor's & Your Medical Provider's Advice! Dr. Scott Does NOT Claim to be a Healer and He Offers NO Cures!

    Study With Dr. Scott

    Now that we are all sheltering in - it's a powerful time to turn inside ourselves & develop a wonderful spiritual practice. Dr. Scott -  will be starting Group Coaching Classes later in April 2020. 

    When You Change Your Karma You Change Your Destiny

    For those looking for the quickest and most extraordinary karmic changes and to ride on the spiritual rocket sled to the highest heights - Dr. Scott Offers Exclusive 1:1 Coaching.

    E-mail him here - please include your spiritual & material goals - Health, Love, Wealth, Personal Power & Spiritual Power. 


    Now is the Time for the Harmonious Marriage of Science & Spirituality. Follow All Medical Advice. Allow the Divine Energy Vibes that Dr. Scott Sends Fill You & Your Family With Powerful Positive Energy. Pray for The World! Pray for The Gifts of Divine Healing, Divine Love, Divine Grace & Divine Peace For All.

    Blessings & Light,

    Dr. Scott

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